Algebra 1


CODE: ALG1-2023
Total hours: 32 hrs
Class Schedule: Saturday 11:00 pm-12:00pm
Duration: August 28th 2022 – March’11th 2023


Algebra 1 ,Course details

Unit 1 : Linear Equations 

  • Recognizing arts of an Algebraic Expression/Equation
  • Writing Expressions/Equations from phrases
  • Evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values of the variables.
  • Writing and solving 1-step & 2-step equations from word problems
  • Recognizing and combining like terms
  • Simplifying expressions by combining like terms
  • Simplify expressions using the distributive property
  • Graphing linear equations from an equation
  • Slope intercept form
  • Point-Slope form
  • Standard Form
  • Functions
  • Finding the Slope of a Line
  • Linear Word Problems
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Solving Linear Systems
  • Determine the slope of a line when given an equation of the line, the graph of the line, or two points on the line
  • Write the equation of a line when given the graph of the line, two points on the line, or the slope and a point on the line

Unit 2 : Absolute value function 

  • Solving absolute value functions
  • Graphing absolute value linear equations by using a table

 Unit 3 : Linear Inequalities

  • Solving Simple Inequalities
  • Solve multistep linear inequalities in one variable algebraically and represent the solution graphically
  • Represent the solution of linear inequalities in two variables graphically
  • Solve practical problems involving inequalities
  • Represent the solution to a system of inequalities graphically
  • Multistep linear equations in one variable algebraically
  • Quadratic equations in one variable algebraically
  • Literal equations for a specified variable
  • Systems of two linear equations in two variables algebraically and graphically
  • Practical problems involving equations and systems of equations
  • Solving Compound Inequalities (with word problems)
  • Solving Absolute values equations and inequalities
  • Graphing Linear inequalities

Unit 4 : Radicals

  • Simplify expressions using laws of exponents
  • Multiplication properties of powers
  • Division properties of powers
  • Powers with an Exponent of Zero
  • Powers with a Negative exponent/s
  • Square roots of whole numbers and monomial algebraic expressions
  • Cube roots of integers
  • Numerical expressions containing square or cube roots
  • Simplifying Roots/Radicals
  • Solving Radical Equations

Unit 5 : Functions 

  • Determining whether a relation is a function
  • Domain , range, and Intercepts
  • connections between and among multiple representations of functions using verbal descriptions, tables, equations, and graphs. 

Unit 6: Quadratic Equations

  • Perform operations on polynomials by applying the laws of exponents to perform operations on expressions
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials
  • factoring completely first- and second-degree binomials and trinomials in one variable.
  • Multiplying Binomials and Trinomials
  • Factoring Quadratic Equations
  • Understand the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials
  • Factoring by Grouping
  • Factoring out a GCF
  • Solving a Quadratic equation using factoring
  • Use polynomial identities to solve problems
  • Rewrite rational expressions
  • Graphing Quadratic functions by using a table

Unit 7 : Statistics

  • The student, given a data set or practical situation, will analyze a relation to determine whether a direct or inverse variation exists, and represent a direct variation algebraically and graphically and an inverse variation algebraically
  • The student will collect and analyze data, determine the equation of the curve of best fit to make predictions, and solve practical problems, using mathematical models of linear and quadratic functions