Mathematical knowledge and the ability to solve quantifiable problems and utilize critical thinking skills enhance the abilities of the students to think and make decisions. We cover all types of learning approaches ranging from books, classes, practice, and testing.

Gowri Vemuri

Founder, with over 30 years of experience in nurturing students at all grade levels, founded Math-Knots and published 60+ books. She is instrumental in founding Curie Creative Talents a non-profit math club at Curie Learning and expanded the program to the National Level.

A4ACE is a branch of Math-Knots, for providing a platform for helping students to get ready for various competitive examinations. With a Master’s in Mathematics and Physics, a software Lead engineer is also a founder of NPO organization Shakti-us.

Ritvik Pothapragada

A freshman at University college of London, located in London. One of the co-founders of A4ACE visionary idea. He was inspired by his previous preparation for these examinations and wanted these to benefit the students taking these examinations in the coming year.

As a co-founder, he has been instrumental in the content preparation of Math-Knots publications as well as for a4ace and its design. His hobbies include: Playing basketball, computer science, playing video games, working out, and more

Raksha Pothapragada

Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in molecular biology and a minor in creative writing. A co-founder, who is very passionate about writing, published few poems in recognized student magazines during early education. She is a 2016 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

At the University of Pittsburgh, she co-founded T.I.P to bring smiles to kids at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh, Children’s Home Pittsburgh, The Woodlands Foundation, and other local pediatric facilities. She is guiding/teaching students at various levels including ACT/SAT and MCAT. She is instrumental in Math-Knots content development along with A4ACE. She co-founded Shakti-us, to help and build confidence in underprivileged women and girls. Currently pursuing master’s at George Town University, Washington, DC.